Thanks for stopping by.

I"m a front-end, Wordpress, one-page-app developer who started in design. I've animated, developed and designed with Flash and Actionscript 3 and also done Corporate Animations with After Effects.

Some early front-end digital agency work with HTML Email and Landing Pages is also displayed here; via jQuery navigation animation – bespoke coded by me.

Since the inevitable death of Flash on mobile device, I've committed to all things Javascript Development & modules and the many libraries – Angular, REACT, Vue.js and Node. As well as the now default responsive web design practices. If that isn't an ocean in itself, I also keep abreast of API development, REST principles and practice and PHP. The art, if there is one, is keeping an eye on what remains useful and what is getting past its use-by date.

While full-time employed in front-end development in a digital agency, the Head of Design once asked us coders: 'What inspires you?'

The question stays with me. My answer is interactive elegance. Lightweight coding solutions in Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5 that give subtle, brief animation in those first half-seconds when the web page or the API presents itself to the user. Also subtle touches of animation in audio, video, and data API navigation and web page navigation. Is that all that inspires me? No, there's much more. The future wonder that will be WebGL and Three.js – interactive, high-def 3D graphics – no proprietary plugins, fully open-source, and some of it is happening right now. The new possibilities for fabulous audio and video API development within HTML5's canvas and audio tags; built in conjunction with Javascript Development. Is there more? Always. Oh to have one or two more lifetimes to do it all.

Oh, I almost forgot. I've been a writer for thirty years. That includes web copy for e-commerce, corporate and small websites. So, enough talkie talkie. Here is the work: